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1. Live in Pordenone
2. Live in Milan
3. Spacelines
4. To Do With Spheres
5. Paper Monkeys
6. Live 89 - 91
7. Live at the Pongmaster's Ball
8. The YumYum Tree
9. The YumYum Tree
10. Wasps & Moths

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5. Paper Monkeys
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10. Live 89 - 91

Paper Monkeys

Paper Monkeys

Direct Download! (Mp3, 122 MB)

 Paper Monkeys - 2011 - 256kbps MP3

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 Paper Monkeys - 2011 Studio Album - 256kbps MP3

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Customer Reviews
5 by Scott Smith

I love this amazing, beautiful and outstanding Ozric album!!! I have been a huge fan for 20 years and have had the pleasure of listening to their unique music shift and grow with each new release. In my opinion, Paper Monkeys is a masterpiece among the many treasures of their catalogue!!! Each song, each note, sets me adrift on endless voyages through the sea, the sky, outer space... etc. Wherever my mind feels like going, this music gives me wings to get there! All of their albums are (metaphorically speaking) like musical ecosystems of their own, flourishing in abundance with plants and creatures, big and small, reaching and stretching toward the light. They are the undisputed champions of psychedelic space rock and this album is a must have for any music lover, not just Ozric Tentacles fans!!!

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